About Us

Wedge Supply distributes professional cleaning chemicals, janitorial supplies, floor maintenance equipment and food service items.

The Wedge Supply Team is dedicated to providing the highest level of customer satisfaction. Our outside sales team is equipped with mobile devices that provide accurate, up to date, on the spot information for our customers. This gives our sales team the ability to enter your order quickly and efficiently.

Our warehouses provide an extensive inventory, and our Wedge Supply logoed fleet provide prompt and accurate control of deliveries. Just-in-time accommodation programs are available.

Custodial training is a core competency that has been developed due to the labor-intensive nature of the cleaning business; 90% of your cleaning expense is labor. Wedge Supply understands this, and we strive to reduce the cost of your custodial department while increasing its productivity. Our Garland Training Facility is equipped to offer seminars, demonstrations, and hands-on experiences to those customers with extensive staff and large facility needs.

Custom training programs can be developed to address any special needs. Our account managers will perform an on-site consultation involving an initial system cost analysis. They will also perform demonstrations and product testing with you. As a result, you will have the tools and knowledge to operate your custodial department as efficiently and effectively as possible. Our key vendors are an additional resource and assist with this training.